Why Hire Me?

Quality Editing ~ Superior Service ~ Happy People!

Working with an editor is a highly personal experience. All copy editors check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other basics, so what is different about working with me?
I care deeply about our experience working together. The strong, trusting relationship we develop allows me to deeply understand your desires and needs while bringing your final manuscript to polished fruition. I focus on ensuring that your message clear, cohesive, and in your voice.
I pride myself on providing high-quality customer service and technical skills. I want you to feel comfortable as I edit your work, so I stay in communication with you as often as is necessary for you to feel connected to the process. Your trust and comfort are extremely important to me. After all, this is your project, your message. I am simply here to support it.

In the gardens above the castle in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I am mindful of time, budget, and need. I provide the most accurate and honest information possible up front so that you can make an informed decision when you hire me.
Communication is paramount to a good client-editor relationship. I am always available via email, and we can schedule phone calls as necessary. I check my email frequently and will always respond as soon as I can.
To learn more about my services, please seeĀ Services and Costs.